Introducing The GGI Platform

Connecting clients with our network of associates, GGI’s in-house experts, and leading-edge tools, research and marketing capabilities

What is the GGI Platform?

Strong Diverse Project Teams

Clients want consulting teams with specialized skills, not just generalists. The GGI Platform creates teams featuring the technical and subject matter skills that clients need, drawing from our associates and GGI’s own in-house experts.

Leading-edge tools
and technology

Technology changes rapidly. Through the GGI Platform, clients and associates gain access to advanced text, social media, big data and predictive analytics software as well as surveying, consultation, infographic and visualization tools.

Effective marketing

We work closely with our associates to identify opportunities, joint market services to potential clients, and respond to RFPs.

Robust project management

Our systems and tools ensure that we deliver services that meet our stringent standards for quality assurance.

Extensive research capabilities

We have upgraded our capabilities to deliver a wider range of research services more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

Who Is GGI?

Since our establishment in 1981, Goss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) has grown into one of the leading independent management consulting firms in Canada. Through our offices across Canada, our team of 40 professionals, and our growing network of over 100 Associates, we deliver a wide range of consulting services to all levels of government, the non-profit sector, Indigenous communities and industry in each province and territory as well as internationally.

While the GGI Platform is a new initiative for us, it is one that is firmly rooted in the way we’ve always done business. Most of our services involve team members from outside of the firm and, in fact, many of our projects are led by our associates. What has changed is that we recognize this isn't just a preferred way of doing business, it is now an essential part of our business.

To find out more about GGI itself, you can visit our website at

How the Platform Benefits our Clients, our Associates, and GGI


We are able to provide clients a wider range of innovative high-quality services, tailored to their specific needs, delivered quickly and cost-effectively, by a strong, diverse team of consultants and researchers.


The GGI Platform enables our associates be part of the winning project teams, access specialized research services and tools, pursue new market opportunities, and focus on what they do best—consulting—while we assist with marketing, project management and administration, or any other services that they need.


The GGI Platform provides the critical mass we needed to make significant new investments in leading-edge tools and technologies and greatly expand our marketing and research capabilities.